We represent the High Focus Institute.


What is the High Focus Institute?

The High Focus Institute is an experiential research institute dedicated to the pursuit of technotranscendence.


Technotranscendence is the state of technologically mediated self knowledge which empowers the individual experiencing it to transcend the limitations of their technosphere.


The technosphere denotes all human creation at the present moment. This includes all forms and instances of technology, constructed objects and devised processes.

Like what?

Like computers. But also like hammers, roads, cooking & the scientific method.

Why make anything at all? What is the purpose of technology?

The horror of nature is indifference towards us, we remake it so that it cares for us. We find a forest, we build a log cabin to survive in that forest.

Are you suggesting there’s something wrong with that?

Of itself, it is simply the power of creation that all humans have access to. However, we have remade nature without understanding how it will re-make us.

How does nature re-make us?

Our lives are defined by the requirements of the constructed world around us. In order to interact with technological artefacts that mediate our daily experiences, we enact rituals and make assumptions that are defined by the moment those artefacts were made and the needs of their makers. By the PAST, not the PRESENT. And some of those things may be actually acting against our attempts in the PRESENT MOMENT to create a FUTURE that meets our needs.

How do we figure out what technology serves a future that is good for us?

We must do three things.
We must take responsibility for understanding how existing technologies define our experience.
We must strive to understand our own needs within our selves and in the context of our living communities. We must understand our own nature as individual beings and as humans.
We must take an active, conscious role NOW in creating the technologies that will define our FUTURE.
We cannot give ourselves what we need until we understand what our needs are, and to do that we must conduct an honest assessment of our selves within our selves & in the context of our environment & community.

What is this thing here?

This is an ENVIRONMENTAL INTERVENTION, a technologically mediated interaction in an immersive projected environment designed to facilitate a state of self-reflection & contemplation.


Who are you?

We are your Geminus Guides, members of the High Focus Institute who facilitate your self-reflection in this Environmental Intervention. It is a role we play, among others.


What am I waiting for?

Only you can answer that. The High Focus Institute is dedicated to creating opportunities for extending self-awareness, so perhaps if you listen to yourself, here, your answer will become clear.
Your future is our future; our future is yours. For good or ill we are all on the same spaceship Earth.