The High Focus Institute is

dedicated to bringing spiritual wisdom into communion with the technosphere. We exist to acknowledge the potentiality of mystical engagement in the face of a world composed of the artefacts of empiricism. 

Here at HFI, we believe that mystical truth can be imagined as a method of rigorous self-engagement rather than a set of facts about the physical universe. With the aid of technological tools of self-reflection it may become possible to harmonize subjective truth with an empirical truth.

HFI aims to bring our participants into a greater awareness of the transformative truths available to us through technological means. We invite you to collaborate in the discovery of your own truths in our patented environmental interventions. Participants engage with a certified Geminus guide, trained to facilitate a state of self-reflection and contemplation. We believe that, with the assistance of HFI’s intervention programming, technotranscendence is possible.